Dear applicant!

For fast and proper filling in an application form you should:

  • type in your surname, name and second name (if there is);
  • if you had filled in an electronic form of application in the previous year, you would see this filled application form with the out-dated information. You should update the data, then save the application, print it and give it to the International Relations and Innovation Activities Office at a stated time.
  • if you had filled in the application in the previous year, but your data weren't saved, type in your passport number once again. If the application form is empty, you should apply to the International Relations and Innovation Activities Office.
  • if you fill in an application form for the first time, you will see an empty one. Type in the actual data there, save and print the application.
  • If you want to fill in an application-questionnaire using Firefox, you should change default settings of this browser. If the following settings are missed, it will be impossible to print the questionnaire in Firefox:
    • install Adobe Reader on your computer or any other PDF file reader.
    • at the top of the browser click the Firefox ( Tools menu in Windows XP) and select Settings.
    • select Applications.
    • find Portable Document Format and select for it an item Use another in the column Action . In the window, select the program to view pdf files, which is installed on your computer. Click OK to close Settings.

In other browsers, additional settings aren't required.

Thank you for reading this information to the end.