Head of Department of Distant Training
Head of Department of Distant Training
Olga Istnaya

Department of Distance Learning was set with the aim of organizing and ensuring instruction by offering distance education as well as improving education by widely using new information technology.

Distance education is a kind of education by correspondence, when it is mainly obtained  by using modern communication and information technology.

The academic environment is special in that students and their teacher are remote from each other in space, but at the same time they have a possibility to carry on a dialogue at any time by means of telecommunication facilities. The teaching process makes use of both traditional and innovative aids of teaching which are based on the use of computer equipment and telecommunication: electronic teaching materials, electronic educational packages and resources, multimedia thematic presentations, etc.

Distance education at the university stipulates organization of full-time laboratory and examination sessions lasting from 6 to 11 days.  The instruction is based on the combination of classroom work (lectures, practicals, tutorials, credit tests, exams) done during the laboratory and examniation session,  classes given on-line (off-line) between the sessions and  students’ independent work on the basis of electronic teaching materials and resources and other academic, scientific and methodological literature. A student can do independent work either from his PC or from a computer at the department of distance learning. The university teaching staff does the reading of the study tasks handed in by students on electronic media during the academic semesters. To make teaching and learning procedures based on telecommunication and computer networking technology more effective, an interaction between students and lecturers has been organized.

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