Year 2004 - Decree No. 292 of June 23, 2004 “On Establishing the Institution of Education “Baranovichi State University” is issued by A.G. Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus.

Vassily I. Kochurko, doctor of agriculture, professor, becomes the university’s first rector.

The university comprises the faculties offering full-time courses: the faculties of engineering, foreign languages, education, finance and law, pre-university training as well as those providing education by correspondence: the faculties of engineering, education, finance and law. 388 staff members, including 8 full doctors of sciences, 52 Ph. Ds and over 50 Masters teach at 28 departments. Training is offered in 20 majors with 14 specializations. BarSU concludes its first agreement on international cooperation. It launches a small circulation newspaper called “My University”. It sets up primary union organizations of staff members and students, a student-run law-enforcement unit called “Alpha” and a grassroot organization of the public association” Belarusian Republican Youth Union”.

Year 2005 BarSU opens the Faculty of Refresher Training and Re-Training in Economy and Education. It starts the construction of a complex of student hostels. It also debuts as a participant of the National Contest of Student Scientific Research. The university’s academics launch projects under the State Program for Scientific Research. A studio of pop song called”Talent” is opened, the volleyball club “Atlant-BarSU” is affiliated with the university and a division of the Belarus Red Cross Society is set up.

Year 2006 – Lyakhovichi State Agrarian College is affiliated with the university as a self-contained structural unit, the Faculty of Refresher Training and Re-Training in Industry and Business is opened. BarSU runs projects set by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and by the Belarusian National Foundation for Fundamental Research. The faculty of foreign languages launches an optional course in the Turkish language, and a student cultural and creative centre starts its work. Student Hostel No. 1 is put into service. BarSU starts construction of study buildings in Parkovaya Street. The women’s volleyball team “Atlant-BarSU” wins the national championship. A field hockey sport club and a historical and patriotic club named “Pamyat” (Memory) are set up.

Year 2007- BarSU opens a Centre of Distance Learning. It admits its first students on the course of the Russian language for foreign nationals. It also takes out the first patent for invention. The first visiting lecturer sent by the Robert Bosch Foundation starts teaching at the faculty of foreign languages. A choreographic group called Impreza is set up.

Year 2008 – BarSU is accredited for the acclaimed status. Foreign nationals are taught at the faculties full-time and by correspondence. Student hostel No. 2 is put into service. The Theatre of Fashion “Svita” (Suit) is awarded the honorary title of ‘people’s collective”. A literary club called “The Magic of the Word” is set up.

Year 2009 - BarSU celebrates its 5th anniversary. It establishes an Institute of Refresher Training and Re-Training. The Heraldic Council under the President of the Republic of Belarus approves the university’s symbols: its logo, flag and badge. The university anthem is composed. The first research and educational school is founded with the aim of developing and improving energy-saving technology used in growing grains and certain leguminous plants. The first international inter-university research project has been launched. BarSU takes out its first patents for utility models. The Theatre of Miniatures “Safit” (Floodlight) is awarded the honorary title of ‘people’s collective”.

Year 2010 – BarSU starts training scientists and scholars of higher qualification in major 05.02.07 “Technology and Equipment for Mechanical and Physicotechnical Treatment” full-time and by correspondence. It also starts training for the second stage of higher education (Master’s course) in major 1- 08 80 06 “General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education”. Study buildings Nos. 2 and 5 in Parkovaya Street are put into service. The folk group “Muzychny Gastsinets” (A Musical Gift) validates its title of ‘people’s collective”. An intellectual-and–creative association “School of the Leader. A 21st Century Creative Activist” is set up.

Year 2011- BarSU is issued a certificate of conformity of its quality management system to the Belarusian State Standard ISO 9001 -2009. It starts courses in 2 new majors: “Agronomy” and “Zootechny”. A research and educational school in machine building and machine science is established. BarSU is granted membership in the consortia within the framework of the Tempus program. It graduates first Masters who did their studies in General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education. A new high degree course 1-36 80 03 “Machine Building and Machine Science (Master’s Studies).is launched. The studio of pop song “Talent” is awarded the honorary title of “people’s collective”. Study building No. 1 in Parkovaya Street  is put into service.

Year 2012 BarSU is accredited for the status of a scientific organization at the Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. A scientific and educational school of strengthening technology using high-energy impacts is set up. A theoretical-and-practical journal “BarSU Herlad” is established. A Centre of the Turkish Language and Culture is set up under the auspices of the Embassy of the Turkish Republic in the Republic of Belarus and the Turkish company “Koja Group”. The “people’s” theatre of miniatures validates its honorary title. Study building No. 4 in Parkovaya Street is put into service.

Today BarSU has:

  • 10 000 students;
  • 5 faculties: of pre-university training, engineering, education and psychology, Slavic and Germanic languages, economics and law;
  • an Institute of Refresher Training and Re-Training, a Centre of Distance Learning, a self-contained structural unit “Lyakhovichi State Agrarian College”;
  • 23 first degree courses, 2 higher degree courses (Master’s course), 1 course of 1st stage of post-graduate education (post-graduate studies);
  • over 80 agreements on international cooperation;
  • close contacts with the German Academic Exchange Service, the Goethe Institute in Minsk, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Embassy of the Turkish Republic in the Republic of Belarus;
  • 17 university hobby groups, 4 of which bear the honorary title of ‘people’s amateur collective”;
  • scientific schools and research laboratories;
  • projects which are carried out under the State Programme for Scientific Research, and performs tasks set by the Belarusian National Foundation for Fundamental Research and the Ministry of Education;
  • a page of “Newspaper BarSU” on-line in the social network “VKontakte”.