Why do I love BarSU

Thilan RANDENIYA (Sri Lanka), the graduate of the Faculty of Engineering of 2013

I love BarSU because of the town where it is situated as well as the people living here. I remember my first days like today. The first person I met at BarSU was Inessa Guseynova, the employee of international office, she is very pleasant and kind woman, ready to help at any moment. She helped me to choose the faculty and speciality; that's why I entered engineering faculty and studied machine building technology. Now I work as a mechanical engineer assistant in my country, but I'm going to continue my career in UAE or Australia. I met many wonderful people at BarSU, who became good friends for me, including my groupmates.

Firstly, I faced difficulties because of low proficiency in language, but my friends and my teachers helped me.

I want to say some words about my faculty. The dean and teachers are wonderful and good there. All these people helped me to get my current career growth.

For the whole period of study I lived in one of the best hostels of Belarus with its comfortable conditions.

Thank you BarSU for nice memories! I will come here again!

Why do I love BarSU

Tavus BERDINAZAROVA (Turkmenistan), the graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Law of 2012

After leaving school many young people are sometimes on the verge of two worlds: the world of childhood, where there are no worries and responsibilities, and the adult world, where all decisions should be made by themselves. To my mind if there was no such a medium as university, we would probably make more mistakes and have bitter experience on the way to our adulthood. My school of life, my Alma-mater is BarSU.

While being at home, in Turkmenistan, I thought many times about my first meeting with the University, Belarusian students, about communication barriers, if I could learn well and show good performance. It seems that all these questions were in my head only yesterday, but it's been two years since I received my diploma (speciality "Economics and Business Management") and returned to my native Turkmenistan.

Today, looking back into the past through the prism of time, I know that this trip in Belarus cost living apart from my parents, my home, from the usual things for me, as student years are not only the time to gain knowledge and practical skills, it is the time when being still young, we become wiser, learn to hear and understand each other. Whatever language we spoke, whatever religious beliefs we were, or how different were our outlooks on life, all of us were united by BarSU for 4 years, and we will always be its children.

Why do I love BarSU

Gulshirin CHARYKULYEVA (Turkmenistan), the graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Law of of 2014

BarSU, to which I dedicated five years of my life, undoubtedly has become a wonderful place for me where I came back again and again with great pleasure! Our teachers left only good and warm memories about BarSU in my soul. They are the people who supported us, experienced difficulties with us and helped to go ahead, opened us wide horizons of our abilities.

The University provides great opportunities for the development of our outlooks and our self-development. It creates good climate for communication and interaction with different people. The University helps to realize and express oneself. I love BarSU for its atmosphere, its ease, for the fact that at national holidays I thought I was at home, and all around was my second big family. BarSU removes the borders in communication between people of different nationalities and cultures. We were in contact in everyday life, in study groups and during lectures, we found like-minded people, for 5 years it changed and broadened our world outlooks, and only for the better!

Student years are the perfect time for a man, each of us will carry them through their entire lives! BarSU is a great university and it doesn't make me regret of my choice of higher education even for a moment.

Why do I love BarSU

Tszinhuan SU (China), BarSU student of the Faculty of Economics and Law in the 2014/2015 academic year

I really like to study at BarSU and live in the university hostel. BarSU gives me the best time of student life. It gives good opportunities for comprehensive development. So, besides studies, I dance, sing and take part in the cultural and creative life in every possible way.

I love BarsU!

Why do I love BarSU

Inna MURAVYOVA (Ukraine), the student of the Faculty of Slavic and Germanic languages of BarSU in the 2014/2015 academic year

BarSU appeared in my life at the moment of complete uncertainty. It was hard to change the country, university, classmates in a few days. But BarSU met me with open and friendly arms. In a short time I found true friends here, pulled up my English. Now I don't regret that the fate brought me here, it is the place where I will receive my diploma; it is the place where the most funny student years pass.

I would also like to thank the university administration and the whole teaching staff, who gave me the opportunity to connect my next years of study with a beautiful young University - BarSU.

Why do I love BarSU

Alyona VASILENKO (Kazakhstan), the student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of BarSU in the 2014/2015 academic year

I have been studying at BarSU for the second year, and every day I understand more and more that I've made the right choice. Studies at our university give me great pleasure. BarSU has wonderful teaching staff. Our teachers are kind and sympathetic. Every day they give us a lot of priceless knowledge that we will continue to use in our professional activities. I met a lot of nice people and found true friends at BarSU. I really like that friendly atmosphere at our university. BarSU gives its students the opportunity for creative development. Concerts, different activities are often held at our university.

I love BarSU and I'm happy to be the student of this university.

Why do I love BarSU

Heidi BECK (USA), the trainee of the Faculty of Slavic and Germanic languages of BarSU in the 2014/2015 academic year

Why do I love Baranovichi State University? It is a great place to be a visiting faculty member! How great? Well, I'm from the U.S. but to paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "Let me count the ways." I love that I can exchange second language teaching ideas with the English language faculty here. I love that many teachers and administrative staff want to communicate with me, and if they don't speak English, then we try to find a language that we do have in common. (Knowing some German has been very helpful!) I love that students I met just once created a special birthday presentation for me my first week here. I love the Voikova Campus staff, who make being here possible.

I love my cozy dorm suite at the BarSU building at Mayakovskogo, 11. It is right in the center of town, and I have comfortable conditions and wonderful neighbors that have become friends; these are the other visiting faculty (from Germany and Turkey) with whom I share the floor. The staff here are also friendly and warm; it is my home away from home!