The university carries out its scientific activity within the following major scientific areas:

  • mechanics of machines, reliability and safety engineering of technological systems, competitive recovery of machinery manufacturing;
  • energy supply, non-traditional and renewable energy sources, energy saving and efficient energy use;
  • effectiveness increase of agro-industrial complex and the level of food security;
  • development of intensive and resource-saving technologies to be used in agriculture;
  • mathematical and physical modeling of systems, structures and processes occurring in nature and society;
  • information technologies; creation of modern information infrastructure;
  • ecological security, environmental protection, Belarus minerals and bowels of the earth;
  • effective use and renewal of natural resources; prevention and elimination of the consequences of emergency situations;
  • theoretical and methodological basis of formation of innovative and socially-oriented economy in the Republic of Belarus which would ensure its stable development in cooperation with the world economic system;
  • philosophical and ideological prerequisites and logical and methodological foundations of social progress and social stability, development of personality, culture, and education;
  • formation of the ideology of Belarusian society; theoretical issues of cultural evolution;
  • philosophical and ideological prerequisites of social progress;
  • problems of citizens' upbringing and education based on the key provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.