Director of Institute
Lundyshev Denis
Director of Institute
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences,
Associate Professor

Institute of refresher training and re-training

The institute of refresher training and re-training was set up on September 1st, 2009 by the Rector's decree No. 361 of August 26, 2008 based on the University Council's decision and in accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus No.17-17/133 of July, 2009.

For more information visti:   http://ipk.barsu.by/

Tasks of the Institute:

  • to meet the needs of industrial enterprises, organizations and institutions promptly as well as individuals for  improving their professional skills and qualifications;
  • to improve the quality of student training continuously and increase its  practical focus on specific professional tasks;
  • to organize and carry out coursework and scientific research, to participate in national scientific and technical programs and plans;
  • to create modern educational infrastructure, to have the institute install up-to-date equipment
  •  to develop personal qualities of the students and help them to realize their creative potential as much as possible;
  • to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with government bodies and organizations of Baranovichi and the region, foreign partners, to learn and implement the best practices of refresher training and re-training of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus, of near and far abroad on issues of additional adult education.
Institute of refresher training and re-training

In accordance with the defined aims and tasks the Institute provides:

  • refresher training for managers and  specialists on the directions of education defined by the License for educational activities of BarSU;
  • retraining for managers and specialists who have a higher education;
  • professional training, retraining for staff on working professions without a higher or specialized secondary education;
  • training courses (lectures, thematic seminars, workshops and other kinds of training courses) — directed at satisfying the cognitive needs in a certain sphere of professional activities or field of knowledge;
  • traineeship for managers and specialists (in agreement with the organization sending a specialist for a traineeship).

The Institute runs educational programs of additional education for adults: :

Additional education for adults – a kind of additional education, directed at professional development of a student, a trainee and satisfying their cognitive needs.

Educational process is carried out by the faculty staff, highly qualified specialists of other institutions of education. Leading specialists and practical workers of the regional enterprises and institutions are employed for the teaching process.

10 classrooms for 456 seats, 3 computer classes for 35 persons linked in a network with the access to the Internet and law programs "Business-Info" are used for the process of education.

Institute of refresher training and re-training
Institute of refresher training and re-training

Students on refresher course "Engineering and Technology" including such majors as "Equipment" and "Labour Protection" have their classes in a special-purpose classroom equipped with training devices, posters, showcases and multimedia equipment.

There is a lecture hall, equipped with an interactive white board, where classes, scientific conferences, seminars, training and other sessions are held.

Together with the Centre of Distance Learning, the institute re-trains specialists with higher education as well as full-time undergraduate students in their last two years of study using a distance form of education by correspondence.




We give everyone a chance to control their future and personal development, we help them become more competitive in the labour market.